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How to make Google Analytics GDPR compliant

The Google Analytics tool isn't automatically GDPR compliant. To make the tool compliant, there's a few changes you'll need to make yourself. There are several articles in the GDPR legislation that state the rights of the subject and their data. These rights must be respected by both the data controller and data processor. If you're using Google Analytics on your site, there are a number of settings you'll need to edit to ensure it doesn't affect your visitors' experience. If you’re one of these people who decide that all that hassle isn’t for you, why not try out an open-source alternative from Scale8?

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An Open-source alternative to Google Analytics

Analytics tools are used to analyze user behavior across websites. Google Analytics is the most popular tool, but does it comply with EU privacy laws? There are other options out there, including Scale8's own analytics tool. Analytics tools are used to learn more about who your audience is and how best to convert them to a buyer. We've designed our analytics tool with both performance and privacy in mind. Scale8 helps you store and process your data, and so can never be shared or sold onwards to 3rd parties.

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Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant

Google Analytics has been the go to tool for website owners for almost two decades. Recently, the tool has been accused of not complying with European privacy regulations. Google has been fined for failing to properly protect the data of website visitors through its Google Analytics tool. Scale8’s analytics tool offers a better option to Google Analytics in several ways, such as protecting the data of visitors to your site, making it GDPR compliant straight out of the box.

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