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Scale8, a better Fathom Alternative

Since the turn of the year, several European Data Protection Agencies have stated that Google Analytics is not GDPR compliant. This may have come as a surprise to many people, seeing as more than 4 out of 5 website owners rely on Google to provide their analytics tool.

Since then, many have been searching for an alternative to Google Analytics in a bid to avoid any legal issues with GDPR.

One of the website analytics tools that some people have turned to is Fathom. Like Scale8, Fathom offers a simple analytics tool that provides website owners with exactly what they need in order to successfully manage and optimise their site. This provides a different approach from the one taken by Google with their analytics tool. Judging by how many features Google Analytics boasts, their philosophy seems to be “the more the better”. However, many other analytics providers disagree, and believe that many of those features won’t be used by the vast majority of website owners, and so only serve to complicate the product.

Both Scale8 and Fathom share a belief that is directly opposing that of Google when it comes to privacy too. While Google collects as much data as possible (and in the process violates GDPR), Scale8 and Fathom have built our products with protecting the privacy of website owners and visitors as a number one priority. That’s why neither will use cookies or collect PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

But despite these shared beliefs in simple and privacy focussed analytics tools, there are still some differences between the two products. Scale8 believes that these differences are what makes our analytics tool a much more complete product, with more benefits for any website owner.

So what are these differences that make us a great alternative to Fathom?


Scale8 passionately believes in the open-source community. We see the value in publicly displaying our code so that anyone can check it themselves, and even flag anything that they believe needs to be looked into.

That’s why all of our code is available to view on Github.

On the other hand, only Fathom’s free version, Fathom Lite, is open-source.

Free Trial Period

For something as important as your website analytics, it can be extremely useful to try before you buy. Website owners don’t want to be signing up for a new analytics tool every month, after paying just one month on their previous tool and realising that it’s not the one for them.

That’s why both Scale8 and Fathom offer a free trial.

However, the difference between the two is in the trial length. While Fathom only offers a 7 day free trial, Scale8 offers a 30 day free trial with no need for any credit card information. This gives you plenty of time to fully appreciate the product and see what it can do for you. Or, on the off chance that it’s not the tool for you, you can easily leave after your free trial with no commitments having been made.


As when comparing any two products, one thing that has to be compared is pricing.

Scale8 and Fathom both charge for their products as neither makes any money from your data, unlike Google, who is able to offer their analytics tool for free since they then make use of your data to make money in other ways, such as through advertising.

Below are some of the monthly plans offered by Scale8 and Fathom:

Monthly requests100K500K1 Million
Fathom Price*$14$44$54
Scale8 Price*$22$50$90

* Correct at time of writing

As well as these price plans, Fathom also offers other plans in increments up to 25 million monthly requests. Scale8 also offers other plans up to 10 million monthly requests, after which you’ll need to get a custom price plan.

As you can see, prices for Scale8 are slightly higher than the Fathom prices. At first glance, this may make it seem like Fathom is the best option to get the most for your money, but it’s important to consider the additional features Scale8 offers with our Tag manager. These additional features mean that, in our opinion, you get more for your money with Scale8 than you do with Fathom.

So what are these features?

Tag Management & Error Tracking

While Fathom offers an effective analytics tool at competitive prices, Scale8’s Tag Manager provides all of this plus Tag Management and Javascript Error Tracking.

Error Tracking can be extremely useful to any website owner. By scanning your site for any potential Javascript errors, it becomes a lot easier for you to keep on top of any potential issue in the error tracking dashboard.

This helps build an image of reliability amongst your website visitors by providing them a site which has minimal issues and runs seamlessly, with less chance of downtime.

Our Tag management feature makes it easy to add, delete, edit and duplicate tags on your site, cutting down on IT workload. Plus, thanks to our events driven rules engine, our footprint is negligible, meaning that on site load times are fast.

Among other benefits, our Tag Manager also allows you to create revisions and preview them on any browser before setting them live.

Trial Scale8’s Tag Manager

WIth all of these features and benefits in mind, why not take advantage of our 30 day free trial and see if Scale8 really is a better Fathom alternative? We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our analytics tool, but if you’re not, you can cancel your free trial anytime within the 30 days.

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Why is Scale8 a good Google Analytics alternative

Scale8 is an open-source, privacy-friendly solution that is also simple, lightweight and easy to use. We will never sell or share your data with third parties, advertising companies or otherwise. Scale8 vs Google Analytics: What are the core differences between the two services? Scale8's analytics product aims to reduce the tracking of website visitors. We do not use cookies and we do not store any personally identifiable information (PII) by default.

Our code is open-source and we are completely transparent about how we build our analytics products. Google Analytics does not provide any form of Tag Management. Scale8 allows you to run your website on its own with no extra account requirements or associated costs. It's also possible to track errors using other tools such as Sentry or Airbrake.

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Scale8 Tag Manager, a great Matomo alternative

Scale8 and Matomo are both open-source, but there are important differences between the two. We believe Scale8 has the edge because we never take ownership of your data. Matomo has followed Google's lead and created a product that offers as many features as possible. Scale8's Tag Manager doesn't use cookies so is GDPR compliant out of the box.

Matomo does offer Error Tracking, which is a handy tool for tracking any potential errors. Scale8 and Matomo offer various monthly plans, with prices based on how many monthly views your website gets. Scale8 offers a 30-day free trial, which is longer than Matomo's 21-day trial. Matomo also offers a free version when hosted on their servers, but this requires you to opt in and pay for extra features.

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Cloudflare Web Analytics vs Scale8 Tag Manager

Cloudflare Web Analytics is one of a number of free web analytics tools. Unlike most, Cloudflare doesn't profit from the use of your personal data. This means that no cookies are used and your data isn't sold onto third parties. Scale8 and Cloudflare Web Analytics are both built with speed in mind. This means that you only get information based on a very small percentage of samples.

Scale8 offers extensive reporting with much larger timescales, so you can make the important decisions based on the full set of data. Cloudflare Web Analytics is GDPR compliant and free, but it misses out on so many key features that any website owner would need.

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Scale8 Tag Manager, a perfect alternative to Plausible

Scale8 and Plausible are both privacy focused alternatives to Google Analytics. Both aim to put the data back into the hands of website owners and users. Scale8 has found that many features offered by Google Analytics are never used by website owners. Scale8 and Plausible are two great alternatives to Google Analytics for website analytics. There are, however, some important differences that are worth exploring.

Scale8 offers a large number of plans so that you can find the one that suits you best. Scale8 is a great alternative to Google Analytics and Plausible. Our Tag manager has been designed to be efficient and easy to use. It also offers website owners the ability to easily clone and experiment with tags and preview any revisions made so that you can find what works best.

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Scale8 Tag Manager, a great alternative to Simple Analytics

Scale8 and Simple Analytics are two alternatives to Google Analytics. Simple Analytics doesn't use cookies and doesn't collect any personal data. Google Analytics, while offering you more features, is ultimately a far more complicated tool to use. Scale8 and Simple Analytics are two products that aim to offer a better alternative to Google Analytics. Scale8 is open-source, while Simple Analytics isn't.

Scale8's Simple Analytics package includes tag management, error tracking and analytics tools. Our easy to install tag manager makes integrating and editing tags on your site a simple process. With our plans starting from just $10 a month, you can get the whole package for less than it would cost you to get Simple Analytics.

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